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Easy to Implement and Use

You are already an expert at construction project management and you have little time to spend in learning how to use new solutions for project management. You need something that is user friendly, easy to implement and built for your industry. You need to get started now!

Masterworks is just the solution for you. You will require very little time to get yourself familiar with our user-friendly and intuitive interface. Our product features are industry ready and the solution can be easily configured to meet your organization’s specific needs if required. Masterworks is web based and all you need is a browser to access it. The solution automates the entire construction lifecycle from budgeting to ribbon cutting and integrates easily with other scheduling and ERP systems when required.

Key Ease of Use Features

 All Collaboration and Integration is centralized.

 Every document is available to the entire team, based on the approval and permission setting.

 Collaborate and share documents with all team members without compromising data security.

 Customizable templates for Reports, Forms, Invoices and Inspections provide transparency.

 Dashboards display key project statistics, not just data, allowing you to make informed and timely decisions.

 Complete control over budgeting and funds provides detailed reports on cost incurred.

 Alerts and Notifications now supports SMS / Mobile Texting besides email.

 Our iPad application can be downloaded from the Apple App store for your mobile users.

Industry Ready

Designed to meet your requirements!

There are many project management solutions available in the market. But, when it comes to end-to-end integration from a construction industry perspective, a lot of them do not deliver. This is primarily because of their lack of experience and ignorance of how construction projects actually operate.

Aurigo's Masterworks is a project management solution designed to meet the needs of all capital projects. So, you have nothing to worry about! Our products are built from ground-up to suit your requirements. It is so intuitive; that you won’t even have to think about what you are doing; making your project successful at every step. Aurigo's Masterworks was built by a team of construction industry experts ensuring that best practices are followed.

Use it out of the box

Our product features are industry ready and can be used out of the box with 100+ reports and 40+ business processes that are built for your Industry. We work very closely with our customers, and industry experts, across the world to ensure their input is taken into account while building our products.

Our forms and templates are designed specifically to automate your construction specific tasks like Request for Inspection, Change Order, and Meeting Minutes. You can even customize forms and reports to suit your needs. Our Dashboards allows you to quickly monitor and track pending tasks; commitments, payments, etc. They give you a birds-eye view of the entire project allowing you to drill down into details when issues are detected. Using the analytics engine you can easily see performance indicators that identify problems not just show data.

Easy to Integrate

We understand that change in any organization is a difficult task. You have invested heavily on your existing IT Infrastructure, and also in training your employees to use the different applications, i.e. financial, accounting, payroll etc. The last thing you want to do now is let your CPMS product vendor force you to invest in parallel IT infrastructure.

Aurigo Masterworks is the hassle-free and comprehensive CPMS that allows users to access it across multiple platforms because it is completely web based! Users can access Masterworks without installing anything on their local PC, simplifying deployment, maintenance and training. The system is hosted in a secure data center, and uses industry standard encryption to ensure your data remains private. The Masterworks platform was built from the ground up to integrate with your existing IT applications, including scheduling, accounting, etc. Using industry standard Web Services your project management system can seamlessly communicate with other critical applications.

Masterworks is essential for you to stay on top of your work! So what are you waiting for? Don't you want to experience it first hand? Just click on the Register button and allow Masterworks to open up a whole new world of convenience, only for you.

Masterworks is essential for you to stay on top of your work! So what are you waiting for? Click here to request a demo

Easy to Customize (Reports, Forms & Workflows)

Masterworks comes out of the box with everything you need to manage your capital projects. It includes industry standard business processes and reports such as Request For Information, Issues & Risks, Progress Payments, etc. Most organization can deploy the system with zero configurations. However, should you require to customize specific reports, forms or workflows for your organization’s unique needs, Masterworks can be completely configured.

Masterworks configuration tools will help you do the following:

 Modify standard process templates to meet your needs.

 Configure the approval process.

 Create new or configure existing reports to match your requirements.

 Create custom dashboards.

 Create new or modify existing forms.

Complete Project Visibility and Control

We understand that as a capital program manager, you have to manage several projects spread over different locations, and it is very easy to lose control. Losing control increases the risk of running behind schedule and incurring cost overruns. How do you keep up?

End-To-End project control means controlling and monitoring your budgets, bids, progress, approvals, payments and schedules. With its integrated smart forms, reports and applications, Masterworks allows you to stay on top of your project, no matter where you are. Masterworks helps you take informed decisions based on real-time intelligence, reports and statistics.

Once you have the information, you know exactly where to start, where to save and how to speed up your project! Not only is decision making easier but you also have complete visibility into project details. Masterworks informs you of critical information via SMS alerts, email notifications and automated reporting. It also allows you to capture and tag site images, allowing you to reference them whenever required via any device; even on your iPad!

So what are you waiting for? Click here to register yourself for a free demonstration.

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