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If you are in the construction business and worried about escalating costs of project implementation and management, then Masterworks is the right solution for you.

Masterworks is a ready-to-use online project management solution, which enables you to overcome challenges in construction project management. It provides end to end automation of your key business processes, reduces costs and simplifies complex procedures. It offers unparalleled and unmatched features and benefits, such as, seamless exchange of information and documents among all stake-holders, project cost estimation, bid and tender management, budget revisions, scheduling and cost management, client billing and sub-contractor payments. You can also easily communicate with your architects and PMCs through a highly secure network using pre-configured industry standard processes.

Further, you can effortlessly access information in real time from anywhere, even using a mobile device, such as, an iPad or smartphone, hence allowing you to make intelligent business decisions. Using Masterworks is simple and helps you stay in control of your projects at all times.

Features List

Check out some of the key features of Masterworks:

 Collaboration and Document Management.

 Business Process Automation.

 Workflow History.

 Unified Inbox.

 Project Management.

 Progress Tracking and Inspections.

 Change Management and Issue Tracking.

 Dashboards and Reports.

 User configurable reports & forms.

 Integrated Mobility.

 Project Cost Estimation.

 Bid & Tender Management.

 Fund Allocation and Tracking.

 Cost Manager.

 Budget Revisions and Scheduling.

 Client Billing.

 Sub-Contract Management & Billing.

 Payments and Recoveries.

 Guided Help.

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