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Are you an Owner or Developer of Capital Projects? Are the mounting costs reducing your profitablility? Haven't you always wished for a way to reduce costs and wastage?

Masterworks is the answer to all your questions above. It is the one-stop solution to address your need to stay top of your project and manage costs effectively. With its easy implementation, not only can you use your resources more effectively and efficiently, but you can also cut down on waste, thereby increasing your profitability exponentially. Also as Masterworks is built buy construction industry experts and hence requires no customization. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy for you to get started almost immediately!

Access information at your finger tips!

Aurigo's Masterworks is an intuitive, easy to use and implement project management system specifically designed by construction industry experts to make your work easier and have end to end control over your projects, even from the comfort of your own home using any handheld device like iPad or Tablets.

Masterworks incorporates amongst its modules Land Management, Quantity Planning, Estimation, Contract Management, Inspection, Fund Management and effective control over plant and machinery. You can also use its inbuilt applications to effectively configure forms, reports, workflows and expressions to address various enhancements to custom fit your requirements.

Intuitive and Easy to Implement

Masterworks can be sometimes conceived to possess artificial intelligence due to its intuitive and user-friendly nature. This saves time to execute repetitive efforts and thereby increase efficiency. Not only does it also reduce paperwork and loss of information, it provides you with complete control and visibility over the entire project over highly secured networks.

Masterworks makes your work much easier, helps you plan and execute decisions better and minimizes errors. Your projects will be completed on time with optimal utilization of resources, saving you a lot of stress and money.

Get started right away!

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