Aurigo Pricing Guide



We provide all of our software modules and functionality at one flat cost, and only charge for software access, based on the number of users. As the number of users is the only parameter to control costs, the EULA pricing model is cost effective for clients. Cost per user license may vary slightly based on the user count. We also offer an enterprise license plan (unlimited users).
In the EULA pricing model, the customer pays an upfront fee for each named user license and a one-time platform fee. This option is associated with traditional software license purchases.
In the EULA model, the customer undertakes complete responsibility to invest, manage and maintain the necessary IT infrastructure (hardware, software and people) to self-host this solution, manage back-ups, be responsible for disaster recovery, etc. In the EULA price model, the customer is responsible for installing the updates (provided by Aurigo) and shall not be eligible for a free upgrade.
The software upgrade shall be provided as part of the standard upgrade project as and when the customer wants to perform this. Aurigo customers that are on a EULA program usually perform typically upgrade once every three years and treat this as a separate mini project.


The SaaS (Software as a Service) model is a software rental model and does not require the customer to purchase any software licenses. In this model, the customer pays a subscription fee (charged per named user per month, payable in advance annually) towards accessing the software delivered over the cloud. We also offer an annual enterprise subscription plan (unlimited users).
The customer does not have to invest in any server hardware or server software to host the Aurigo software. The entire solution is provided on a remotely managed and hosted server (government certified secure server farm) with the highest levels of security certification including SSAE-16 Type II. There is no need to pay for any software license maintenance and software updates, as the recurring annual subscription fee will cover this.


For large customers, Aurigo offers an innovative zero cost model. In this model, we will provide you our award winning CPMS software suite Aurigo Masterworks, configure it to your needs, operate it, train your staff and contractor resources, and support the system for life at ZERO COST to the customer. In return for having access to the CPMS system, your contractors will pay a small fee directly to Aurigo for each user, for each contract (there is no cost to the internal users of the customer). In effect, the solution will be paid for 100% by your external users; and that too at a very nominal cost per user per year.
  • We will be responsible for support and training to all stakeholders.
  • The system is always online, current and on the latest technology and update.
The annual price per contractor user will be dependent on the approximate number of contracts that the County does each year.
The beauty of advanced technology and this new paradigm is that everyone is a winner. Aurigo’s zero cost model brings significant benefits to all parties involved.
Contractors gain faster project completion, reliable reporting practices, a more efficient way of interfacing with the customer and, more importantly, streamlined cash flow! For a small user fee per contract, he or she gets a world class system that improves and automates the way he or she manages projects, significantly improving his efficiencies. By streamlining the processes and with all data submitted online, he or she gets payments processed faster.
The customer wins big, significant reduction in budget, substantial reduction in operating costs, and lower total cost of ownership. You will also see increased contractor efficiency. With your contractors using streamlined processes in Aurigo Masterworks, there will be fewer inefficiencies created by paper processes, manual data entry, bid submission, etc. on their end. Even the tax payers win because a lot of what is now an expense gets covered by the beneficiaries of the system. It’s no different than user fees, except that the user also gets to reduce his costs and get payments faster.