Build Back Smarter: Intuitive automation for efficient decision-making with Aurigo Masterworks 2021

Planning agencies across the US still fight a laborious tide of paper-based outdated homegrown legacy systems that constantly slow project progress and inflate costs. Many of these systems are riddled with obsolete data, store information across multiple networks, and are heavily prone to human error.

As Washington spends trillions of stimulus dollars to upgrade and develop new infrastructure across the country, it’s become critical to switch to cloud-based intelligent systems that improve data and workflow management, improve decision-making and reporting quality, save time, and reduce unnecessary expenditure. Aurigo Masterworks offers public agencies an integrated, cloud-based option perfectly in line with today’s time-bound, budgeted capital planning and construction requirements.

Unified system for multiple departments utah department of transportation

This high-speed efficiency filled in the yawning gaps left by a 14-year-old client-server system pushing against productivity at Utah’s Department of Transportation (UDOT). Its construction contracting community was working hard to build and maintain 6,000 miles of roadways, and a network of 243 highways with a system that was difficult to update and accessible only within the state’s firewall. Using Aurigo Masterworks, more than 3,000 users, including contractors and external stakeholders, are now easily able to access information across business divisions from a unified system.

Through an integrated suite of software products, Aurigo provides government departments like UDOT, as well as cities, counties, states, and other infrastructure and facility owners, with a comprehensive, industry-ready solution to plan, build, and maintain capital assets, infrastructure, and facilities safely and efficiently.

Single source of truth 

It took Aurigo Masterworks’ Right of Way solution to effectively streamline land acquisition and expropriation processes for the Regional Municipality of York, which previously stored data on old-school spreadsheets and word processors. Geographic Information System (GIS) details on related land projects, parcels, and easements were being manually entered into an SQL database for reporting, increasing the risk of errors.

Masterworks offers multiple custom integrations to the leading systems, which avoids data re-entry, ensures a single source of truth, and empowers executives with real-time information to make smarter, quicker decisions. The platform can transfer data bidirectionally, allowing all stakeholders to examine critical spatial analysis with ease, map and make modifications visible to all users, which is a huge benefit throughout the land appropriation process.

For York, this meant a significant reduction in data and administrative delays, as well as easier tracking of parcel acquisitions and expropriation in the system improving user visibility and enabling faster approvals.

Intuitive analyses 

trinity water authorityOver more than 15 years, Aurigo has refined its solutions to create an efficient, intuitive, and automated capital program management platform that helps reduce errors and offers secure access to information for federal and state reporting. Its key features automatically track project progress throughout the capital lifecycle through configurable dashboards, allowing users to manage budgets easily, spot omissions and oversights, identify problems early, and quickly access detailed information about the root cause of anticipated issues.

One of the largest water authorities in Texas has utilized Masterworks’ capabilities to make better planning decisions for water bodies located within 18,000 square miles of the river basin. As many as 60 users create proposals, score, justify, and group projects using Aurigo Masterworks Cloud, taking advantage of the program’s advanced ‘what-if analysis’ to make better infrastructure decisions involving $300 million each year for dozens of cities. The feature analyzes project data that include comments and reviews to flag potential blocks so users can attend to issues before they crop up.

It ties in perfectly with the reporting feature that saves precious time when collating updated information according to specific internal, state, or federal government requirements. Aurigo Masterworks transforms into an automated reporting engine that eliminates unnecessary effort while simultaneously empowering executives to make better, quicker decisions. Solutions include dozens of templates, intelligent workflows, streamlined processes, and a wide breadth of convenient and practical management functions.

Easy integration 

Aurigo Masterworks can integrate with existing systems using APIs and can be accessed effortlessly from any mobile or web browser. UDOT now manages $25 billion in capital projects and investments using Masterworks’ Construction Project Management, Contract Management, and Materials Management solutions and has recently expanded its usage to include Aurigo’s Estimation and Bidding & Civil Rights products.

UDOT’s project manager, says, “The Aurigo Masterworks Cloud has replaced the labor-intensive, paper-based methods used for recording contract administration activities from the time of award to completion of construction. It provides the necessary tools for staff and external service providers to electronically capture, store and transmit field records and data through automation. Masterworks facilitates the monitoring of contract documentation, contract quality, contract costs, and overall project transparency.”

UDOT is saving $100 million over five years by using this intuitive, cloud-based, off-the-shelf software, thanks to improved visibility and reporting as well as increased control during planning, construction, and maintenance.

Managing trillions of dollars for tomorrow’s infrastructure requires systems designed for speed and efficiency throughout the capital lifecycle. It’s not worth being bogged down by outdated processes.

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