Build Back Faster : Speeding up capital program delivery with Aurigo Masterworks Cloud 2021

Several years ago, the City of Lincoln, Nebraska, was struggling with documentation of the 100-odd construction projects active simultaneously in its jurisdiction. Process inconsistencies, billing inaccuracies and outdated software continually stalled the capital planning process – common complaints in project delivery across the US.

With the new administration in Washington hoping to invest trillions into infrastructure, agencies need systems that allow quicker delivery to offer the public access to projects as soon as possible. Aurigo Masterworks is turning things around by funneling disconnected systems through efficient workflows and using automation to slash turnaround time. Just ask the City of Lincoln – using Masterworks has helped reduce time delays in capital planning by 17%!

Spreadsheets are a popular, but relatively amateur tool to manage complex projects that involve contract tracking, budgets, financial planning, cross-checking of data and remote approvals. Most systems require manual intervention to interpret data and track approvals for ever-evolving plans. Lincoln, for example, had 12 project managers, 27 observers and 30 inspectors out in the field on any given day, struggling to complete projects on time while rallying between various departments and agencies. With the influx of stimulus dollars, their current systems would struggle to keep up.

For more than 15 years, Aurigo Masterworks Cloud has helped plan and deliver more than $300 billion in capital projects through 300+ public and private organizations

City of Lincoln Nebraska

Aurigo Masterworks Cloud empowers cities like Lincoln, as well as counties, states, and other infrastructure and facility owners to plan, build, maintain and operate capital assets easily and efficiently through a unified system that’s easy to configure. For more than 15 years, the system has helped plan and deliver more than $300 billion in capital projects through 300+ public and private organizations.

Using Aurigo Masterworks Cloud, the Department of Public Works in Las Vegas dispensed with more than three months of effort to generate its 360+ page Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Book, funding matrix and scoping booklet for each project. The Capital Planning and Capital Project Management products replaced a hodgepodge of old systems tied loosely together to approve and prioritize capital improvement projects which caused constant delays.

Developed and perfected over the years, the Masterworks Suite offers agencies efficient in-built workflows and automation that drastically cut turnaround time. Everything – from budget changes and design reviews to information requests and approvals – is streamlined to complete projects quickly by eliminating bottlenecks, reducing rework and speeding up communication between key stakeholders.

Specifically, Aurigo Masterworks offers built-in escalation rules even as users are alerted via notifications on processes that have stalled or hit roadblocks. They are able to quickly attend to the issue and reduce further delays. To prevent incorrect data entry – another factor that greatly impacts delivery – the program offers configurable validation rules. Its DocuSign feature speeds up approvals through a digital signature capability and leaves an automated audit trail of decisions taken.

The program offers a single source of truth for all stakeholders, with live reports and analysis for quicker decision-making.

City of Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, the entire CIP Book is now managed by a single application accessed by more than 200 users, including external construction contractors. The entire process is automated, from inception to closure. The program offers a single source of truth for all stakeholders, with live reports and analysis for quicker decision-making. Everyone involved in the process has real-time visibility into funding sources, project schedules and budgets that would otherwise have required multiple spreadsheets and applications, manual data entry that is often prone to human error, and complicated tracking of approvals.

The cloud-based platform proved an excellent change for the City of Lincoln too, where users experienced improved productivity and document retrieval by 70% without any conflicts with Nebraska’s state OnBase system. Tim Pratt, the city’s CEIS manager, says, “We manage our most important infrastructure with Aurigo. Using the Aurigo Masterworks Cloud, we keep track of every schedule, budget, fund and document during complex, multi-year projects. Everyone involved in building, testing, managing, and overseeing our projects can now access the data and documents they need from wherever they are.”

Aurigo Masterworks was able to improve billing accuracy, eliminate data re-entry and offer consistency in the delivery process. Today, the city manages all its CIP programs and contracts, as well as federal funds reporting and reimbursement, and has seen its overall project costs fall by up to 6% in just a few years.

With a potentially historic infrastructure bill on the horizon, there’s a lot at stake. You can’t afford to build tomorrow’s infrastructure at yesterday’s speed.

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