Build Back Stronger: Making capital program delivery a cohesive, transparent process with Aurigo Masterworks 2021

For public agencies managing large public projects, close collaboration between various teams is key to smooth, timely project delivery. With more than 20 departments working independently using a variety of tools, the City of Fargo was faced with an uphill task attempting to collectively manage schedules and contracts, establish audit trails and control output. The only solution was a unified system accessible to all.

Aurigo Masterworks Cloud makes this easy with comprehensive solutions that masterfully design configurable processes to enable better, easier, and faster collaboration across diverse functions and converge them for higher efficiency.



Aurigo Masterworks provides a single source of truth across departments


By integrating Masterworks with other systems, the City of Fargo now seamlessly plans, tracks, and manages an annual capital program involving more than $300 million. Like Fargo, cities, counties, states, and other infrastructure and facility owners across the US need capital planning solutions that eliminate routine project roadblocks such as data inconsistencies, misfit software, and information security risks, and replace them with cohesive systems that boost productivity and efficiency.

Outdated tools such as paper-based methods, spreadsheets, disconnected platforms, and manual data entry make collaboration, audit trails, project management, and reporting to federal and state authorities an exhausting and time-consuming process. Aurigo Masterworks provides a single source of truth across departments with easily accessible and configurable templates that improve teamwork, onboarding, and productivity.

The Ministry of Transportation utilizes Masterworks as a centralized hub for full contract lifecycle management


This suite of software has allowed the Nevada Department of Transport (DOT) to store electronic documentation for dozens of transportation projects in a single location that stakeholders can use through automated workflows. It has reduced the time taken to get projects released and awarded, and also helped secure and track funding across six departments.

In addition, Aurigo Masterworks provides enterprise-level security and user management that enables projects often involving hundreds of consultants, contractors, and suppliers to be delivered on time. Adaptive permission sets appropriately regulate access to information. Automated workflows eliminate data re-entry and discrepancies with a single source of truth available in real time to the right people to help make better team decisions.

Across the border, the Ministry of Transportation Ontario utilizes Aurigo Masterworks Cloud as a centralized hub for full contract lifecycle management. More than a thousand internal team members, as well as 800 external service providers, can now collect, report, and validate data in a streamlined manner for public infrastructure projects involving $5 billion CAD annually.

The platform was configured to manage end-to-end capital planning, contracts, documents and project management


More than 15 years’ worth of fine-tuning allows Aurigo to help its clients save an average of five percent of their capital project budgets with exceptional efficiency and increased visibility. Its intuitive SaaS solution has replaced obsolete project planning and delivery methods while simultaneously providing the flexibility to integrate with existing business processes rather than the other way around.

The City of Fort Smith, for instance, was burdened with an unscalable system but required any upgrade to support its unique pay-request process and change order management. Masterworks’ unparalleled configurability enabled it to do so without the pressure to adopt a more complex system. The platform was configured to manage end-to-end capital planning, contracts, documents, and project management while supporting specific processes.

Management and supervision too become a breeze. Even as a commercial off-the-shelf solution, Aurigo personalizes user-friendly dashboards providing a high-level overview of project progress that is easy to use. Its intelligent processes offer design integration that can expose plans built in other software within Masterworks on any device on the go. For field agents, a system like this makes an immeasurable difference by allowing data entry even in places with poor or negligible internet connectivity.

“…It became apparent that other groups within our organization would benefit from the power and scale it offered.”


Nevada DOT replaced three of its existing systems with a single cloud solution that integrated seamlessly with state and federal systems and was scalable. It is now able to secure and track federal funding, offer transparency and accountability across departments, use automated workflows and electronic approval processes to deliver key transportation programs, and send business intelligence reports detailing actionable data and risk assessment.

For agencies that need to scale up overnight, Aurigo provides consistent, documented processes that allow quick onboarding of new project teams with configurable project templates, standard design and construction administration processes, and multi-level reporting.

“During the Masterworks implementation, it became apparent that other groups within our organization would benefit from the power and scale it offered. By being able to leverage the full range of capabilities offered by the Masterworks suite, communication and teamwork across the DOT will accelerate, improving our ability to meet the infrastructure needs of Nevada residents on time and on budget,” says David Woolridge, Chief IT manager at Nevada DOT.

Nevada’s Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) for 2019-2022 covers $2.7 billion in new programs and maintenance for 5,400 miles of highway and more than a thousand bridges. Using Masterworks allows its 700 internal users and 100 external stakeholders to efficiently manage over a hundred projects annually.

The prospect of trillions in stimulus dollars towards infrastructure in the US requires agencies to be able scale up swiftly and teams to work together quickly and efficiently to deliver projects on time. Relying on 20th century technology to build 21st century infrastructure will be an unnecessary shot in the foot. To get a shot in the arm instead, contact our team of capital program management experts at here.


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