Work at Aurigo


Aurigo’s work environment is designed to be casual, informal and fun, providing a lot of flexibility to every Aurigo employee to bolster innovation and achieve their maximum potential. We are growing our team across the globe and constantly looking for smart people to join our team! We welcome you to explore exciting career options at Aurigo that may be a great fit for you.


We’re on our way to becoming a billion-dollar business, and our people are the most important factor in our success. We’re always on the lookout for intelligent, creative people to join Aurigo, whether from our corporate headquarters in Austin or our development center in Bangalore. We move quickly and change gears even faster. If you can hit the ground running and have great communication skills, we want to talk to you.
Your application matters
When you apply at Aurigo, your application is sent directly to the decision makers who head the department you’re interested in.
It reaches real human beings
There are no electronic screenings for keywords or auto scans of resumes. Real human beings read your job application.
Experience isn’t everything
We’re more impressed with your ability to think, communicate, and innovate than with exact years of experience on your resume.
What happens next
If your resume and cover letter appear to be a good fit, you will be contacted by our Talent Manager for an initial, brief phone interview.
This will be followed with a phone conversation with your prospective manager and an in-person interview.
Finding the perfect match
Things move quickly around here, so when we find someone we like, we’ll get you on board as soon as possible.