City of Las Vegas

The Department of Public Works in Las Vegas saves over 3 months from capital planning process with Aurigo Masterworks Cloud

City of Las Vegas

City of Las Vegas DPW:

  • Civil projects: sewer, storm drainage, traffic control, paved street improvements
  • Architectural projects: parks, parking garages, fire stations, detention centers, building improvements
  • IT-related projects for the city
  • Construction and design contracts


Every year in Las Vegas, nine departments submit their list of capital improvement projects to the Public Works Department for prioritization and approval. These include all civil, architectural and IT projects, ranging from storm drainage and traffic controls to new fire stations and building improvements. It used to take three to four months for finance to produce a 360+ page CIP Book, funding matrix and scoping booklet for each project.


After evaluating multiple solutions as part of its RFP process, the City of Las Vegas chose and implemented Aurigo’s Capital Planning and Capital Project Management products to streamline the end-to-end capital improvement project lifecycle. Aurigo replaced a collection of old systems, including MS Office, SharePoint, and homegrown reporting tools that had been pieced together over the years.


Today 206 users, including external construction contractors, now use a single application to automate and manage the entire CIP process from inception to closure. Using Aurigo Masterworks Cloud the City of Las Vegas now automatically generates its CIP book out of Masterworks, saving three to four months each year during the capital planning process. In addition, everyone from project managers up through the City Council has real-time visibility into funding sources, project schedules and budgets.

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