City of Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln increases productivity by 70%, reduces project delays, and cuts project costs by 6%

city of lincoln nebraska

City of Lincoln:

  • Population 300,000
  • $500M capital budget managed in Aurigo Masterworks Cloud
  • 100+ users


At any given time, Lincoln is managing more than 100 active construction projects, ranging in scale from sidewalk repairs to major highway reconstruction. The city had 12 project managers, 27 observers and 30 inspectors in the field each day, but it lacked process consistency and billing accuracy, and struggled to keep track of all the required documentation.


Lincoln has been using Aurigo products since 2005. With a recent influx of Federal stimulus dollars, officials knew they needed to add the ability to manage the federal funds and reporting requirements, while continuing to integrate with the state of Nebraska’s OnBase system. The Department of Public Works now uses the Aurigo Masterworks Cloud to manage all CIP programs and contracts in one place.


In the last seven years using Aurigo the City of Lincoln has:

  • Increased productivity and document retrieval speed by 70%
  • Reduced time delays by 17%
  • Reduced overall project costs by 6%
  • Gained consistency, eliminated data re-entry and improved billing accuracy
  • Ensured property tracking and reimbursement for state and federal funds

We manage our most important infrastructure projects with Aurigo. Using the Aurigo Masterworks Cloud, we keep track of every schedule, budget, fund and document during complex, multiyear projects. Everyone involved in building, testing, managing and overseeing our projects can now access the data and documents they need from wherever they are.”

Tim Pratt, CEIS Manager
City of Lincoln

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