Dallas Area Rapid Transit

DART streamlines capital planning and construction project management with Aurigo Masterworks Cloud

dallas area rapid transit

Dallas Area Rapid Transit:

  • $1B annual budget
  • Population 2.4 million
  • 700-square-mile service area
  • 222,000 passengers daily
  • 93 miles of light rail


DART did not have a system to manage projects. Instead, the agency had developed a homegrown, online capital project request form called the CPRF that had been enhanced over the years to capture operational project requests, as well. All other construction activities were managed in Excel – from hand-built, complex estimates for each project, to contract tracking, budgets and financial planning. DART could not produce consolidated project status reports, and project information was hard to analyze.


The DART team loved that Aurigo was designed specifically for transportation project management and chose Aurigo over Gaea Global, eCIFM, IBM and Stellar. Today DART is implementing a range of capital planning and construction lifecycle management products from the Aurigo Masterworks Cloud suite to manage all transit expansion, maintenance, procurement and IT projects.


Using Aurigo Masterworks Cloud, DART is now able to manage all projects in a consistent fashion across the agency. DART’s nearly 400 users will work more efficiently with built-in workflows and automation, making faster decisions thanks to real-time reports and analysis.  All stakeholders will gain transparency into the status of every project in the organization.

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