King County Metro

King County Metro streamlines the end-to-end capital project lifecycle from inception through closeout using the Aurigo Masterworks Cloud

king county metro

King County Metro:

  • 2.3 M residents
  • $11.6B biennial budget
  • Over 15,000 employees


King County Metro provides transportation services to the region’s 122 million riders each year. Managing capital projects was difficult because information and users were spread across multiple disparate systems, and a lot of the work was done in Excel – making it hard to give everyone visibility to the status and issues with each project.  When the team started looking for an online solution, they evaluated Aurigo and e-Builder.


King County Metro implemented Aurigo’s Capital Planning, Project Management and Contract Management products to manage all base expansion, terminal improvements and vehicle procurement programs. Aurigo’s Professional Services team integrated data from seven existing systems to give users a single system to manage capital projects through the entire lifecycle.


Over 200 users at King County Metro now get meaningful reports about their portfolio investment decisions and ongoing capital projects. Using Aurigo Masterworks Cloud the agency has streamlined its planning process and reduced project delays thanks to real-time visibility into issues as they arise. Based on the success of the initial program, King County Metro will roll out Aurigo’s Resource Management system next.

Working with the Aurigo team has been a great experience. They are professional, knowledgeable and more than willing to configure a system that fulfills the client’s needs. The product they provide is good, and they incorporate additional functionality and make it available to everyone.”

Project Manager, King County Metro

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