Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Wisconsin DOT automates consultant contracting, construction management and GIS across all capital projects

wisconsin department of transportation

The Wisconsin DOT:

  • $6.8B biennial budget
  • 36,722 miles of centerlines
  • 72,633 lane miles of roads


The WisDOT teams used to run their entire solicitation, negotiation and contract award process in a combination of Excel spreadsheets and outdated in-house financial planning systems.

All reporting requirements were manually generated by updating multiple spreadsheets.  Information about projects was hard to find, and reporting and analysis was time intensive and error-prone.


WisDOT chose Aurigo Masterworks Cloud over SciQuest to become its core system for end-to-end consultant contracting across all projects.

Aurigo Masterworks Cloud is used by both internal DOT teams as well as all consultants working with the state. Some 15,000 existing projects and related information were transitioned into Masterworks.  After the initial rollout, WisDOT has expanded its use of the Aurigo Masterworks Cloud products.


Aurigo’s e-contracting solution gives the WisDOT team a centralized system to manage data from project creation through estimation, solicitation, negotiation, award and ongoing administration. Bringing consultants onto the e-contracting portal has improved transparency, collaboration and efficiency across the contract pre-award and award processes. Advanced reporting and analytics provide users decision support data at their fingertips.

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