York Region

Property Services team streamlines amicable land acquisition and expropriation process across the York Region with new SaaS Right of Way product from Aurigo Masterworks Cloud

York Region

York Region’s Property Services team:

  • 2,581 easements processed until October 2018
  • 1855 land agreements executed until October 2018
  • York Region consists of nine municipalities


The Property Services division is responsible for acquiring land in advance of capital projects. Prior to finding Aurigo, the details for all land projects, parcels, agreements and easements were stored across various Excel and Word files. The related GIS data and final documents were stored in Geocortex and eDocs respectively, and key information was manually entered into an SQL database for reporting purposes.


The Regional Municipality of York implemented Aurigo’s Right of Way product to streamline its land acquisition and expropriation processes.

The new solution includes more than 70 legal templates, automated workflows for amicable acquisition and expropriation, and GIS details for every parcel and easement. In addition, Aurigo’s Professional Services team integrated Masterworks with the existing eDoc system, giving the Property Services team a single application to track the end-to-end detail for every land-related project.


Using the Right of Way product from the Aurigo Masterworks Cloud suite, the Regional Municipality of York has seen a significant decrease in data and paperwork delays and has streamlined its land acquisition process for new construction projects.

Tracking of parcel acquisitions and expropriation in the system is facilitating faster approvals and better visibility for all stakeholders.

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