Federal Aid Reimbursement Management

Automate the obligation process and accelerate your federal reimbursements. Aurigo’s online Federal-Aid Reimbursement Management (FARM) product has everything transportation agencies need to track all the required data and accelerate reimbursements.

Aurigo’s Federal Aid Reimbursement Management product will expedite your billing and reimbursement process AND help to identify eliminate un-recoverable reimbursements by:

  • Eliminating data entry
  • Automating the obligation process
  • Accelerating reimbursements
  • Integrating with FMIs 5


Introduction to Aurigo’s Capital Planning Product

Maximize the impact of your capital budget. Aurigo’s online Capital Planning solution has everything you need to plan, track, automate, and manage program funds, budgets, and schedules in one place.

Capital Planning product video

Aurigo’s Capital Planning product gives you everything you need to plan and manage large capital improvement programs, including:

  • Project Prioritization
  • Advanced Fund management
  • Rolling multi-year programming
  • What-if Scenario Planning
  • Real-time Fiscal Constraint Analysis
  • Extensive Reporting and Dashboard Capability

Introduction to Aurigo’s Right of Way Product

Aurigo’s online Right of Way product has everything you need to streamline the end-to-end parcel acquisition and land management processes. Watch this video to know more about our geo-located management.

Right of Way product video

Aurigo’s Right of Way product gives you everything for data driven and geo located management of right of way:

  • Comprehensive Document Management
  • Mobile Appraisals and Surveys
  • Workflow and Approval Tracking
  • Online Reporting & Dashboards

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