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Moving Mountains: Colorado DOT Selects Aurigo Masterworks to RAMP Up Its Program, Project, and Cash Management Processes

To many, Colorado, America’s eighth largest state, brings to mind snow-covered mountains, desert lands, rivers, and hiking among its many popular tourist destinations. Behind the scenes, Colorado Department of Transportation manages and maintains 23,000 total lane miles of highway; 760 geo hazard sites; 35 mountain underpasses; 3,447 bridges, and snow and ice operations such as plowing and monitoring of avalanche paths. With such large geographic diversity across a populous state (over 5 million), Colorado DOT is split up into five urban areas: Denver Regional Council of Governments, North Front Range, Pikes Peak Area Council lof Governments, and Grand Valley. The total capital spend over a five-year span (2012 to 2017) is $8.7 billion.
Numerous Point Solutions
CDOT is using a number of technologies for program and project delivery: AASHTOWare Project suite for the preconstruction and construction phases, and SAP for project managers and region business offices. Some project managers are using Microsoft Project and others are using Microsoft Excel to manage their projects.