Closing the Gap Between Field and Office

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Closing the Gap Between Field and Office

Digitizing Field Data Ask any field inspector and she will tell you that the most unpleasant, yet critical, part of her daily routine is the paperwork associated with filling out various forms and checklists, scribbling notes, making sketches, and tracking other important field inspection data that will be later converted into digital format. Transcribing paper-based data into digital format is slow and tedious, prone to errors, and oftentimes unsuitable for search and index. The lack of integrated technology to support the last mile connectivity continues to create pockets of inefficiencies even for large construction firms.

Typically, in any large infrastructure project, 50% or more of the employees are at the job site, having little to no connectivity to the back office. Technology is not to be entirely blamed for this. On the contrary, mobile penetration is at its highest ever. But what you need is not another mobile application that lets you put a tick in the checkbox, but a carefully crafted capital project management software (CPMS) that’s mobile enabled and allows your field personnel to effortlessly capture, transmit, and organize field data, as easily as if she is using a social network app.

Information at your fingertips
Aurigo Masterworks leverages mobile and cloud technologies seamlessly to deliver a digital field experience that is second to none. To facilitate communication between office and field personnel, the Aurigo Masterworks solution provides the award-winning Mobile Inspector application that is specifically designed for field personnel.

Using the Mobile Inspector, a field worker has access to all of the project information on her laptop, iPad, or Android device, even when disconnected from the central system.  The mobile application is 100% independent of a service provider (Verizon, AT&T, etc.).

Faster, simpler, integrated platform
The field personnel will be able to easily capture data, upload files, and retrieve project files from any location. The mobile client intuitively works from cached data where signals are weak and then synchronizes with the cloud once the signal is restored. The application also has full access to other Aurigo Masterworks capabilities, so that mobile personnel can keep up-to-speed on reports, change orders, documentation, and other project information on-the-go. Users can also retrieve information with their mobile devices and compare what they see in front of them to existing plans and work orders.

Users can input data by keystroke, mouse click, pen device, touch, and voice. Field devices can also capture signatures (written and electronic) and attach the signature to relevant documents. Using standards-based print capabilities from tablet devices, users can also print documents in the field.

In short, Aurigo CPMS comes with an inspection automation software that is unmatched in its capabilities, power, and configurability. Aurigo Masterworks Mobile Inspector takes you closer to the field in the most productive way.