How to pronounce Aurigo

The aurigo story

How to pronounce Aurigo

Just like Worcester and Kissimmee, our company name tends to get mispronounced on the first read. Although it looks like Aww-REE-go, Aurigo is actually pronounced as OR-e-go.

Why we shoot for the stars

Our name is derived from Auriga, a constellation that lies in the northern hemisphere and means “the charioteer” in Latin. In Greek mythology, Auriga is usually depicted as a charioteer, holding the reins of a chariot with his right hand, while carrying a goat and its two young kids on his left arm. A variation of the Auriga myth tells the story as Neptune rising from the sea in a chariot.

True to our name, our conference rooms at the Austin headquarters have names like Epsilon, Elnath, and Capella, stars that form the Auriga constellation.