Connecting the DOTs: Aurigo Masterworks brings 21st century technology to government agencies

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Connecting the DOTs: Aurigo Masterworks brings 21st century technology to government agencies

The Good News
You’ve already heard the good news. No, I am not talking about the flashy 24-10 win that the Broncos had over the Panthers in Superbowl 50! I am really happy for our friends in Colorado DOT, even though I  should add that I was very disturbed by the Mountain Dew ad with the hybrid creature #puppymonkeybaby… what in the world was that?!

Anyway, getting to the real good news for America: 2016 will bring some $305 billion of funding to the U.S. transportation industry. States will begin receiving the first wave of funds from $205 billion allocated for highway construction and repair; $48 billion allocated for transit projects; and approximately $10.8 billion in grants for freight projects allocated over the next five years. This is unprecedented and is badly needed to repair and build the crumbling infrastructure across America. This means repairing our highways and bridges, keeping trains on the tra­cks, and enabling better infrastructure for Americans to commute safely and efficiently. So the money is finally there!

The Bad News
The bad news is, there’s only so far that funding can stretch if state DOTs are still using old technology to manage infrastructure projects. Shuffling paper and toggling between different software systems is the fastest way to waste that funding that our public transportation desperately needs. Using inefficient processes to manage large-dollar projects results in cost overruns, project delays, staff time, and errors. Imagine if you were still using technology from the 90s like pagers, floppy disks, Windows 3.1 computers, Nokia cell phones and listening to the AOL dial-up connection sound in your personal lives, and expected to be productive in today’s world?

Unfortunately, state and local government agencies across the US are saddled with legacy technology systems purchased in the 90s that are not integrated, not cloud enabled, and a nightmare to maintain. State departments of transportation need more than funding to build a 21st century transportation system; they need technology that can keep up!

Aurigo Masterworks – The future is now!
The year is 2016, and government agencies don’t need to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in building custom solutions that will eventually become legacy-ware. That’s why we are here to help. Aurigo Masterworks is the world’s leading cloud based technology that is already helping public sector agencies across America plan and deliver over $300 billion of capital programs! It is a fully integrated suite that helps automate the entire lifecycle of infrastructure build out, from planning to maintenance. It is delivered on the latest technologies and meets over 80% of the state’s business process automation requirements out of the box, with the rest being easily configurable; and yes, it is fully cloud and mobile enabled.

Aurigo Masterworks is a fully-integrated solution, and helps avoid the pitfalls of procuring 10 different point solutions that don’t talk to each other. State DOTs, large cities and counties have many different automation needs from planning to bidding, contract management, claims management and even asset maintenance. Buying many different solutions and trying to make them all speak to each other is a nightmare. Aurigo understands that, and we have built Masterworks to be a complete suite of tools, in which agencies can start with one module, and start adding other capabilities as they go along.

Connecting the DOTs
As I write this post, 4 of the 50 U.S. state departments of transportation (DOTs) including Utah, Colorado, Oregon, and Wisconsin have selected Aurigo Masterworks to automate their key business processes including capital program planning, construction, inspections, document management and project delivery. The largest province in Canada, Ontario has selected Aurigo Masterworks to both plan and deliver its annual $3 billion construction program. A dozen other state DOTs are in various stages of evaluating how to replace their legacy systems with Aurigo Masterworks. Scores of cities, counties and water authorities across North America are enjoying the benefits of Aurigo Masterworks, and we have over 950 customers today.

If you work for a state department of transportation in the United States, or a provincial government agency in Canada, chances are that someone in your DOT is already in touch with us. Contact our team at [email protected] for a free assessment on how to score a technology touchdown in your organization. And we promise: No #puppymonkeybaby during implementation.