Custom Solutions


We don’t build your solution from scratch, yet it fits your business needs to a T.

We don’t ship “cookie-cutter” software, yet it’s “off the shelf” and “out of the box.” How can both be true?

Aurigo Masterworks’ platform is the power behind custom solutions. Every change you want to make to your dashboards, reports, data management (forms) or business processes can be made easily by using the platform and tools that ship with Aurigo Masterworks. The Aurigo platform is built on a Microsoft technology stack and ships with a forms builder, report builder and business process editor (workflow engine) that needs no programming to make it work.

But that’s not all. Think bigger! You are not limited to our most popular modules such as planning, documental control, contract management, and property management. If you need a function developed, our platform is agile enough for us to create it for you without reinventing the wheel. We make the software fit your organization, not the other way around!

Ministry of Transportation, Ontario, is revolutionizing how contracts are being managed using Aurigo Masterworks.

UDOT innovates its capital infrastructure program management and delivery with Aurigo Masterworks.