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Highlights of Masterworks & Essentials users who have a story to share

Customer Spotlight May 2020

Women In Construction Tech

Kim Lobdell shares her journey as an engineer in construction Tech

Aurigo’s Customer Spotlight highlights Masterworks or Essentials users who have a story to share. Kim Lobdell has been a Masterworks user through the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for 3 years. She was gracious enough to sit down with our writer on staff to share her inspiring story.

Kim Lobdell, owner of KL Engineering, is the success story the women’s STEM movement is looking for. The US Bureau of Labor found that women accounted for 13% of the engineering workforce in 2019. Lobdell earned her engineering degree in 1979. Entering a field in a time when she knew she would be the only woman on her team, she faced the obstacles of having to prove herself and gain the respect of her peers and superiors. Imagine their shock when they realized they had underestimated the girl with the sweet midwestern accent.

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