How to effectively communicate the status of your capital program

Find out how you can effectively communicate the status of your capital program whether it is your executive decision-makers, the city council, or the public with tips you can use.



Whether you’re communicating to executive decision-makers, the city council, or the general public, you have many stakeholders that need accurate, up-to-date information. Managing the varying levels of communication, the type of information to be shared, and timeliness is complex yet critical to your capital program’s success. Effective communication is vital to keep a project on time and on budget.

At the onset of any project, it’s essential to identify who the stakeholders are and how you’ll communicate to them. This will allow you to set up the appropriate controls, workflows, and communication methods in advance. Furthermore, having the right tools in place to manage your stakeholder communication will help deliver quick insights at the program or project level, enable you to make data-driven decisions, and help gain faster approvals.

Top three tips to effectively communicate to your stakeholders
Your stakeholder: Executive decision-makers
Communicating to stakeholders like the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Mayor, the Governor, or a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), is often very different from communicating to others. Having reliable and accurate data on hand should be a top priority when providing updates

  • Understand their priorities
  • Provide additional levels of detail and data
  • Be clear in your requests and messaging

Your stakeholder: The board and city council
At the onset of any project, collaboration is a top priority to understand what data each stakeholder will need. Understanding the level of detail ahead of time will help your organization implement best practice techniques to communicate effectively.

  • Set up workflows
  • Dashboards & analytics
  • Do not rely on emails

Your stakeholder: The public
As McKinsey best put it, consulting stakeholders before digging makes for better, cheaper projects. This concept—the earlier, the better—is especially true when it comes to the general public. Updating your community with status updates and project developments from start to finish will keep your stakeholders informed.

  • Communicate early
  • Be clear, concise, and consistent
  • Go digital


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