Aurigo Command Center
  • – Trained on Custom Build
  • – Technical Architect
  • – Product Expert
  • – Training
  • – Functional Consulting
  • – Innovation
Rapid prototyping
  • – Build/Modify Forms,    Dashboards, Workflows,    Integrations
  • – Develop New Capabilities
Dedicated Team
  • – Offsite and Onsite
  • – Train on Customer Build
  • – Dedicated Resources
  • – Modification to Forms,    Reports, Workflows
Solution Support Software Support
Software Upgrades
  • – Module Updates
  • – Patches
  • – Break-Fix Updates on    Platform
  • – Platform Updates
Email Support
  • – 24/7
  • – Core Product Support
  • – Hosting Support
  • – Support to Install Updates
Telephone Support
  • – 7am CST – 7pm CST
  • – Core Solution Support
  • – Hosting Support
  • – Support to Install Updates

Operating a dynamic enterprise calls for making intelligent decisions quickly without compromising efficiency and safety. Ensuring efficiency and minimizing costs depends on smoothly-run operations. If your organization has over 250 users on Aurigo Masterworks or if you have an enterprise licensing agreement, you need Aurigo Masterworks Solution Support to complement your software support plan. The Solution Support plan is Aurigo’s highest level of support services offered by Aurigo’s global customer care team that will support your post-production and operation environment in a reliable and predictable manner.

Getting support on an Aurigo Masterworks solution is not just about software upgrades, platform defect resolutions and patches. It is also about getting support in a post-production environment on every form, business workflow, report, dashboard widget or library element that has been configured for your organization.

It is about the ability for your team to have access to a team of certified Aurigo Masterworks specialists who can build new reports, and edit existing forms and workflows to suit your changing business environment.

It is about fixing potential integration defects or deficiencies that show up two years after Go-Live, that nobody ever thought of.

It is about performing software upgrades and updates and having access to training services on demand.

Most importantly, it is about running your business in a hassle-free manner, allowing us to ensure a seamless experience for your team as it leverages the powerful capabilities of Aurigo Masterworks.