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Florida’s Pinellas County Manages a BIG Construction Budget With a Small Staff… and Aurigo CPMS

Pinellas is Florida’s second smallestcounty in terms of area, but with an annual budget of around 300 million dollars for infrastructure construction, it’s a heavyweight in capital project expenditures. More than 515 employees are involved in construction management, and at any given time at least 100 construction projects are underway, ranging in scale from small sidewalk repairs to major highway reconstruction. 30 Pinellas County inspectors are in the field constantly, monitoring the daily work of the contractors.
Supporting a Growth Strategy
Pinellas County’s previous contract management process was powerful but cumbersome, and lacked automation and sophisticated reporting capabilities, says IT Director Pam Schuler; “The main challenge we faced was the burden of manual intervention. Our staff was constantly creating bids, estimates and change orders.