Aurigo GIS Initiative

May 4, 2007

Setauket, New York & Bangalore, India – May 4, 2007

Aurigo’s AMP3 Enterprise integrates advanced GIS mapping features within the product. This powerful mapping feature allows stakeholders to get a bird’s-eye-view of the entire project, daily events, assets and other positioning information, through information overlaid on a geographical map of the area.

GIS assists anyone who needs to have the latest data at their fingertips. Generally managing of counties and large infrastructure project assets can be very complicated. This assignment can be efficiently managed by the use of a geographical information system (GIS), for defining geo-referenced locations, storing attribute data, and exhibiting data on maps. So whether you are managing asset information or Item postings or performing routine maintenance, GIS would provide access to information for the stakeholder to make the timely & enhanced decision making and maximizing productivity.

GIS view of projects and Item postings integration is built on SQL server as backend, .NET and Integrating with the ESRI suite of products. AMP3 Server’s web based architecture gives you the flexibility to deploy internally on existing servers or host at an offsite data center.

GIS view of projects and Item postings would provide access to geo-referenced information you need to make the timely & enhanced decision making and maximizing productivity.

About Aurigo Software Technologies

Aurigo Software Technologies Inc. delivers software products and solutions for automating critical processes in the infrastructure management lifecycle including estimating, managing and inspecting large construction projects including highways, ports, bridges and SEZs (Special Economic Zones).

Aurigo’s success has been a direct result of its strong technology, complimented by Aurigo’s knowledge of the construction industry and its specific business logic. Aurigo’s Products and solutions include its flagship suite AMP3, Microsoft Dynamics AX and customization services around these products and platforms. Aurigo is a privately held company with offices in New York and Bangalore, India.

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