Aurigo Launches STOrm™ to Reduce RISK in Shutdowns and Turnarounds

January 1, 2014

January 2014,  Aurigo Software Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce its entrance into the STO industry vertical with the launch of its new product, STOrm™. Aurigo, thus far a leading provider of capital planning and project management software, has worked with STO experts across the globe to develop STOrm™, with the primary goal of reducing the high risk faced in shutdowns and turnarounds to improve safety planning, reduce schedule overruns and decrease wrench time during execution. STOrm™ is a must-have tool for all STO managers to plan, track and measure all of the activities across all disciplines leading up to the turnaround.

“Knowing where you are, where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there is the key to navigating and controlling all aspects of your STO Project. The best practices and methodologies are known in theory, but the way to navigate a STO project to reduce risk across all counts is to have this formal methodology engrained in a software tool that ensures that all the necessary checklists, tasks and activities are planned, measured and reported on real-time. STOrm™ is going to change the way STO projects are planned in the future,” says Ted Lister, International Shutdown / Turnaround Expert, leading author and Editor-in-Chief of the world’s leading STO methodology blog,

“STOrm™ has been developed in collaboration with the world’s STO experts and is not just a software tool. It is a best practices methodology system that comes within a software system designed to reduce RISK in STO projects that are costing oil & gas companies billions of dollars in lost revenue every year. It is very easy to deploy and use for the entire planning phase of a shutdown or turnaround. No more manual paper documents, excel files, primavera schedules, missed deadlines and tasks. We are looking forward to partnering with STO managers to help them achieve their goals and reduce their risk on each of their turnarounds and shutdowns,” Says Balaji Sreenivasan, Chief Executive Officer, Aurigo Software.

“With STOrm™, STO managers will have the advantage of standardized task lists developed by seasoned experts. The standardization of the STO process will help STO managers to assess team readiness for turnarounds. This will ultimately increase efficiency and decrease risk, reducing their wrench time and getting revenue-generating machines back online more quickly,” Says Kevin Koenig, Vice President, Product Management, Aurigo Software.

About Aurigo

Aurigo Software Technologies, Inc. (Aurigo) is a leading provider of business automation software for capital project management and STO readiness across the globe. Major agencies worldwide use Aurigo to plan, manage and deliver hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of capital programs. Aurigo has forayed into the Shutdown and Turnaround (STO) market place, with products and solutions to help mid–size and large oil and gas companies efficiently complete their maintenance programs on time and budget.

Aurigo has state-of-the-art Research & Development and support centers in the United States, Canada and India. The company is owned, managed and funded by individuals and private equity companies with vast investment resources and a long history of experience in starting and managing successful software companies. The company stock is owned 100% by the management and the founders of the company. For more information about Aurigo Software Technologies, Inc., go to

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