City of Lincoln, Nebraska, upgrades to Aurigo Masterworks and Expands its Capital Project Management Software Deployment

September 1, 2012

September 2012, City of Lincoln, Nebraska, (Lincoln) an enterprise customer of Aurigo since 2005 has decided to upgrade the existing version of its Capital Project Management Solution (CPMS), Aurigo BRIX™ to the latest version Aurigo Masterworks. Lincoln will further expand the usage to have over 200 users use the award winning solution by Aurigo.

The Public Works Department of Lincoln has been using BRIX to manage all city construction projects since 2005. In the last seven years, They have been able to increase productivity and document retrieval speed by 70%, reduce time delays by 17%, and reduce overall project costs by 6%. In other words BRIX, has provided a great ROI to Lincoln and its use has expanded steadily. “Really, the little bit of money BRIX costs us is well worth it,” says CEIS Manager Tim Pratt, “Switching over to BRIX in 2005 made a big difference—we gained consistency, eliminated a lot of reentry, improved billing accuracy, and kept better track of our documentation. Especially with all the federal stimulus dollars coming in—and the reporting load that comes with those dollars—BRIX has been a lifesaver.”

Aurigo’s latest CPMS is Aurigo Masterworks, a solution that builds on BRIX™ and expands its scope, with an even more intuitive user interface and more powerful platform. And Lincoln will also be expanding— “Aurigo has been great at listening to us and configuring Aurigo BRIX to conform to our needs,” says Pratt, “As we upgrade to Aurigo Masterworks, we expect it to be a significant improvement. We’ve doubled the number of licenses purchased, and we’ll use all of them.” As Lincoln upgrades to Aurigo Masterworks, the city plans to increase the number of users and to automate more processes. Pratt also wants to produce more reports—”I’d like reports available for everything we do.”

“One of our goals is to configure Aurigo Masterworks to be interoperable with the State of Nebraska’s OnBase system,” says Pratt, “We have to work with it by law when state money is involved in a project, and streamlining that connection will save us a lot of time. Aurigo’s good record with interoperability and the flexibility of Aurigo Masterworks to easily integrate with a variety of third party applications and software using standard web services will be a big help.”

Balaji Sreenivasan, CEO, Aurigo Software said “The upgraded Aurigo Masterworks solution will automate all of Lincoln’s project estimation and costing, contract administration and pay management, and track inspections and construction progress, taking over from where its predecessor Aurigo BRIX™ left off. This was the logical next step, and we are delighted to see the City of Lincoln, join our growing list of enterprise customers worldwide, changing the way they are managing their capital programs.” To expand automation, Pratt has his eye on construction document management and funding planning as good next steps. “These capabilities are part of the new Aurigo Masterworks solution that can be harnessed by Lincoln” added Balaji.

Sasikumar Balu, Director, Professional Services at Aurigo estimates that the upgrade process will take about four months. “First, we’ll go through a discovery process with them, to identify the specific needs they’d like addressed and their current systems capabilities,” Sasi says, “Then we’ll write a statement of work to define the entire upgrade process, build the new processes they require, migrate all data from BRIX to Aurigo Masterworks, and train users—and then they’ll go live, on a verified system with full access to their existing data. It will be a smooth process.”

About Lincoln

Lincoln is the capital of Nebraska and the state’s 2nd most populous city, with a metro population of more than 300,000. Lincoln has an annual budget of $4-500 million for infrastructure construction. More than 515 employees are involved in the construction management process. At any given time, Lincoln is managing more than 100 active construction projects ranging in scale from small sidewalk repairs to major highway reconstruction.

About Aurigo
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