City of Las Vegas and Whiting-Turner Contracting Streamline Project Communication with Masterworks Connector to PlanGrid

June 4, 2021

Aurigo Software today announced the first customer implementation in a series of planned product integrations with Autodesk Construction Cloud aimed at improving collaboration between public and private infrastructure owners and the contractors with which they work. In 2020, Aurigo announced the launch of the Masterworks connector to PlanGrid, which connects Aurigo Masterworks with Autodesk Construction Cloud’s PlanGrid, allowing teams to drive productivity on capital projects and capture accurate project records to support ongoing infrastructure maintenance and operations. The City of Las Vegas and Whiting-Turner Contracting have now successfully implemented the integration after thorough piloting and testing of the connector.

The connector allows capital project owners using Masterworks and contractors using PlanGrid to link their projects across both cloud solutions. When users enter project information such as plans, RFIs, tasks, issues, or documents into either application, it will automatically update in the other. Real-time, automated information transfer between Masterworks and PlanGrid eliminates double entry, reduces errors and omissions, and streamlines administration activities on capital projects to save time. Additionally, owners and construction teams can collect and continuously reference an accurate project record set for ongoing infrastructure operations and maintenance.

The City of Las Vegas has always held communication with their contractors as a top priority. “On our public projects, we juggle massive amounts of documents and data, unexpected changes, and federal aid reimbursement challenges – and we have to stay in constant communication with contractors so we can anticipate anything that may impact schedules or budgets,” said Michael Sturdivant, Engineering Project Manager at the City of Las Vegas, an Aurigo customer. “We’ve automated our capital program planning and project management processes so our entire team can remain connected and work from the most up-to-date plans.”

Before implementing the connector, Whiting-Turner contractors were managing RFIs internally in PlanGrid, then re-entering them into Masterworks for the City. Documents were often shared with the City using email or share sites, which depended on manual intervention to upload updated project documents in Masterworks.

Today, the City of Las Vegas and Whiting-Turner Contracting have integrated RFIs, documents, and sheets between the two applications. Whiting-Turner contractors can now log an RFI in PlanGrid and route it directly to the City in Masterworks. The City can answer it per their usual process in Masterworks, and once submitted, Whiting Turner will receive their answer back in PlanGrid. Additionally, the City and Whiting-Turner can now enjoy real-time document sharing between Masterworks and PlanGrid. Documents and drawings (or sheets) can be instantly shared by utilizing linked document folders in both Masterworks and PlanGrid, allowing both teams to continue working in their usual software system without compromising on access, availability, or security.

By implementing the Masterworks connector to PlanGrid, the City of Las Vegas and Whiting-Turner Contracting have streamlined their owner-contractor project communication. They have enabled real-time, two-way, controlled document sharing, and have eliminated duplicate entry into Masterworks with an automated RFI workflow.  The two teams are now ready to tackle the next project Whiting-Turner wins with the City, bolstered with the confidence of seamless cloud collaboration. Aurigo looks forward to continued implementations of the Masterworks connector to PlanGrid in continuation of the Aurigo + Autodesk partnership.

“Contractors and owners need collaborative capital planning and construction management solutions, especially on major infrastructure projects that often span large distances,” said Balaji Sreenivasan, CEO and founder of Aurigo Software. “PlanGrid’s field collaboration capabilities are loved by contractors, and Aurigo Masterworks is the leading capital planning and construction management solution used by infrastructure owners. The integration between PlanGrid and Masterworks brings owners and contractors closer together, allowing them to deliver capital assets faster and with less rework.”

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