Aurigo Masterworks Revolutionizes Ministry of Transportation’s (MTO) Contract Management processes through Automation

January 1, 2017

Aurigo Software Technologies Corporation is revolutionizing the Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s contract management approach through the implementation of an innovative cloud-based contract delivery solution. The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) manages an annual program of approximately $2.5 billion for the construction and rehabilitation of highways and bridges. MTO’s contract management practices consisted of a variety of labor-intensive paper-based methods to record contract activities. On the heels of celebrating the Ministry’s 100th anniversary, the Ministry is launching the Web-Based Contract Management Solution (WBCMS). WBCMS is a browser based solution that allows for a streamlined and efficient way to collect, report, and validate data, as well as transform and automate various business-related processes. The solution provides full contract lifecycle management functionalities for tracking and managing contract information, correspondence, and documents. Starting in January 2017, the Ministry has included provisions in its relevant tendering opportunities for service providers to use WBCMS which is subscription based. Service providers and Ministry users will be able to record and store field data in real time using iPad, tablet or Android devices. For the first time, MTO staff will be able to manage contract activities online for the entire lifecycle of a project, including working with service providers who will now be able to maintain digital diaries, electronically record daily activities, testing activities and results, refer to digital checklists, tasks, to do lists, and dashboards. According to Balaji Sreenivasan, CEO, Aurigo Software: “A unique aspect of MTO’s agreement with Aurigo is that MTO and its service providers will have access to the easy-to-use software platform, which allows for ultimate efficiency and accuracy in managing contracts to better serve Ontarians.”

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