New York City Transit Deploys Aurigo Mobile Platform

May 5, 2004

Olympia, Washington & Bangalore, India – May 5, 2004
NYCT is in the process of conducting a pilot to implement the Aurigo Mobile Platform (AMP) to inspect subway stations with handheld computers. Aurigo is working with NYCT to help implement their AMP solution, which will allow inspectors to rapidly collect data during daily inspection activities and synchronize information directly to a central database via handheld computers and the web.

As leaders in the business of motion, NYCT appreciates the importance and the value of efficiency and safety. The Aurigo Mobile Platform delivers just that to an organization that is poised to realize substantial savings in terms of hours, accuracy, and availability of information by implementing the Aurigo Mobile Platform (AMP).

With AMP, the Inspector’s Daily Report is transmitted directly to management for review with typewritten legibility, reducing the need to have cumbersome handwritten notes translated and retyped at the end of a shift. AMP resides on a Pocket PC device and saves time with pre-populated fields and drop down menus automatically inserting information such as location, day, time, and inspector ID. Inspectors are now able to keep their eyes on important things like potential health and safety issues, instead of spending time handwriting notes that need to be typed later.

When it comes to mobility, NYCT knows what it takes to be successful. With the Aurigo Mobile Platform, NYCT continues to lead the way, bringing a safer and more reliable transportation system to the people of New York in the process.

About Aurigo Software Technologies

Aurigo Software Technologies Inc. delivers software products and solutions for automating critical processes in the infrastructure management lifecycle including estimating, managing and inspecting large construction projects including highways, ports, bridges and SEZs (Special Economic Zones).

Aurigo’s success has been a direct result of its strong technology, complimented by Aurigo’s knowledge of the construction industry and its specific business logic. Aurigo’s Products and solutions include its flagship suite AMP3, Microsoft Dynamics AX and customization services around these products and platforms.

Aurigo is a privately held company with offices in New York and Bangalore, India.

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