Ministry of Transportation, Ontario is Revolutionizing Contract Administration with Aurigo Software Technologies

January 1, 2014

Ontario, Canada – The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) is revolutionizing contract management. With a transportation infrastructure network valued at over $2 billion annually, MTO requires efficient information technology to effectively administer construction and operations work.

Managing the construction, maintenance and engineering service provider contracts in the Provincial Highways Management Division currently consists of a variety of labour-intensive paper-based methods of recording contract activities in diaries, spreadsheets and databases throughout the time span of each contract.

A Request for Proposals for the provision of Web-Based Contract Management Services (WBCMS) was issued in 2013. This innovative approach will result in a much more streamlined and efficient way of collecting, reporting, and validating data and creating many new efficiencies through transformation and automation of various related business processes.

What is it?

WBCMS is a sustainable solution that will provide an electronic means to capture field data, transmit and store data and provide reliable, complete information to decision makers.

The centrally located service will provide full contract lifecycle management functionalities through the entry and tracking of contract information, correspondence and documents. Service providers will be able to maintain digital diaries, electronically record daily activities, and refer to digital checklists, alerts, notifications and dashboards.

What’s happened?

MTO has entered into an agreement with Aurigo Software Technologies Corp. to deliver a suite of Web-Based Management Services. The solution will offer a complete set of software, all hardware, facilities and services necessary to host and maintain the application.

Following launch in 2015, MTO, external service providers and the road-building industry will access the new system and its services through an internet browser where they can perform and electronically record activities associated with all contract administration functions.

“The Ministry of Transportation, Contract Management Office, is excited to launch this program to achieve significant efficiencies in all contract management functions,” said Project Manager Sue Lefebvre.

Who will be using the service?

Internal MTO users as well as external service providers will utilize the centralized service through a subscription fee model.
MTO and its users will significantly benefit from this transformation, as the solution will ease the archiving and accessibility of vital contract documentation. This revolutionary change also supports environmental sustainability.

WBCMS Training

A certified training program will be provided for MTO and industry staff. The training will ensure a smooth and quick transition to the fully- automated solution.


• Streamline business processes
• Reduce risk of inaccuracy as a result of multiple data entries
• Improve consistency in oversight and reporting activities
• Improve overall accountability by easily tracking audit data
• Support environmental sustainability by reducing the number of paper-based documents

Read the PDF Version of this Press Release by MTO

About Aurigo

Aurigo is one of the world’s leading providers of enterprise software for business process automation and capital project and program management Systems (CPMS). The company has recently introduced a new line of products for CPMS in Oil and Gas industry and also for Shutdown, Turnaround and Outages (STO). We provide software solutions to organizations that make and manage large infrastructure investments in both the private and public sectors. Aurigo’s clients are collectively delivering projects worth over $ 200 billion.

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