ROI Calculator – Frequently Asked Questions

The ROI (Return on Investment) calculator calculates the range of potential savings a capital program management solution can deliver across the different phases of your lifecycle, including planning and programming, bidding, estimation, and construction project management.

The ROI calculator was developed using the information gathered from our existing customers. It is based on real life customer examples that demonstrate actual cost savings, reduced rework, or a reduction in person hours required to complete specific tasks. Many times this analysis was provided by a well-respected third party (e.g. a national engineering or program management firm), not from our customer or Aurigo directly.

While your results may vary, we believe the range presented is an accurate reflection of what the vast majority of capital owners in North America would save, based on Aurigo’s 19 years’ experience working with infrastructure and facility operators.

Each answer you provide is assessed and weighted independently to compute potential savings based on productivity gained or person hours saved. The complexity of your program is also taken into account to provide the ROI range. We provide a range rather than a specific percentage because we want to be confident in our analysis and there are real life factors that can be hard to assess with a web-based calculator.

The calculator has 3 sections: planning, project management, and bidding and estimation. You can complete one or more sections. The tool will calculate your potential range based on the answers provided.

You could request a demo with our experts. The team will guide you in selecting the best software solution suited for your needs.

This calculator is primarily created for public sector agencies. However, we are in the process of creating a similar calculator for the agencies in the commercial sector.

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