Permit management entails a great deal of paper processes for permit inspection, permit issue, creating invoices and applying billing cycles. Aurigo Masterworks provides a permit management engine that includes various workflows to automate these paper-based process, and allows organizations to document and control advertising on public infrastructure. The solution supports:
  • Billing And Collection: automated invoicing and online payment processing module
  • Mobile Devices: allowing permit/sign inspections directly from the field.
  • Integrated GIS: out-of-the-box GIS integration provides a map-based viewer to visualize sign locations.
  • Flexibility: configuration of different permit types, invoice cycles, fees, business rules, sign statuses, and more
Aurigo Masterworks Permitting & Outdoor Advertising Control module offers an easy-to-use system that can be used to manage inspection and field tasks. Integration with financial management systems streamlines the outdoor advertising and permit management processes.