Projects & Portfolios

Projects & Portfolios

Transportation agencies have a history of shuffling paperwork, getting bogged down in inefficient processes, and piecing together software systems that weren’t designed to handle all the nuances of public transportation projects. At the helm of massive transportation programs, it’s no wonder capital program managers lose sleep at night.
Aurigo Masterworks changes all of that. Developed in collaboration with industry insiders and infrastructure project managers, Aurigo Masterworks is truly the result of every project stakeholder’s wish list—integrated, easy to use, over the web, automated with forms and reporting engines built from the core to drastically improve project efficiency.
You, as project owner, need the flexibility to see all your project and programs at a bird’s eye view, with the option to drill down to the most granular detail. Field inspectors, ROW managers, IT directors, investment decision makers, contract managers, and document controllers each have specific needs that can be met only with Aurigo Masterworks’ sophisticated capital program management software.

Get everyone on the same page

Capital projects have many stakeholders—some internal and some external. Cat herding is no fun and neither is using Outlook or Google mail to manage your documents and collaborate with other project stakeholders. Aurigo Masterworks is the best way to get everyone on the same page and speaking the same language. Some agencies are using Microsoft SharePoint and Bentley Projectwise to track and archive their documents; Masterworks seamlessly integrates with these external systems extending their capabilities to new levels. As an example, Masterworks can integrate with SharePoint so that all documents, including markups and versions, are synchronized with the rest of the project information. No more toggling between different systems.

Access from anywhere

With Aurigo Masterworks delivered over the cloud, you can access it anywhere there’s an internet connection: Home, at the construction site, Starbucks, in the parking lot, you name it. As a plus, Aurigo Masterworks has mobile capabilities for field workers using iPads or tablets that support an offline-online environment that is especially critical in remote areas that do not offer any bars on your cell phone.

Be secure, inside and out

When you’re dealing with contracts, contractors, and documents, you need confidence that the information is safeguarded. Good inside security means that you set the permissions for users and they can access only what’s necessary. Good outside security means that your data is protected by SSAE 16 Type II Level Encryption—the highest level of security afforded by the cloud.

Stay on schedule

You have milestones and deadlines. Aurigo Masterworks has automated workflows and alerts designed specifically to help you meet those targets. Organizations that use Aurigo Masterworks are much less likely to fall behind on their projects.

Integrate your tools

You don’t need to give up the tools you already like and use. Aurigo Masterworks is set up to communicate seamlessly with programs like ESRI ArcGIS, Microsoft SharePoint, SunGard, JD Edwards, and Laserfiche!

View progress at a glance and make real time decisions

Whether you need a quick snapshot view of your project or need the details, you can get reports and dashboards within a few seconds

Control costs

Last but not least! Aurigo Masterworks increases visibility and drives costs and delays downward. Aurigo Masterworks is your best bet to putting an end to delays, errors, and budget blowouts in your capital projects.


Gain visibility into your project Enhance your bidding process Streamline your scheduling process Collaborate with project stakeholders Manage change and compute payments
  • Gain visibility into your project
  • Enhance your bidding process
  • Streamline your scheduling process
  • Collaborate with project stakeholders
  • Manage change and compute payments