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Capital project owners know that few things are as embarrassing as being unable to answer questions about the status of your projects. No one wants to look like a deer in the headlights when they’re supposed to know the ins and outs of each project. For years, project owners have struggled with cumbersome reports that are hard to interpret, have to be pieced together from multiple programs, and give inaccurate data weeks, even months, too late.
Many problems can sink a project, but blown budgets and schedules can often be traced to one major pitfall: Lack of visibility.
Aurigo Masterworks helps you stay in front of your projects by bringing real-time reporting to your entire capital program. With 300 out-of-the-box industry-standard reports and the ability to modify and create new reports, the powerful reporting engine gives you the crystal-clear visibility to keep you in control of projects.
With Aurigo Masterworks reports and dashboards, project owners and managers can view Project Status Reports in real time. Drill down and drill through. See reports at a high level or get the details. Whether you want a snapshot at the portfolio level or the individual project, Aurigo Masterworks produces it within seconds—even in the field on your mobile device. No more surprises—just warning signals the minute your projects begin to veer off course.


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Dynamic step-by-step report wizard to assist end users Built using standard Microsoft SQL reporting tools No programming knowledge required to build new reports Ad-Hoc reporting (easily create new reports or edit existing reports) Ability to export all reports to PDF, Excel, Word, CSV, XML, etc. Ability to easily configure dashboard widgets Report Scheduling and Subscription using SSRS
  • Maintain standards and libraries
  • Perform enterprise searches
  • Stay secure with cloud-ready, SSAE 16 compliance
  • Configure forms, reports and dashboards
  • Configure APIs and Web Services for easy integration
  • Allow for role- based security and permission