Solution Overview

solution overview


Fully integrated capital program and project
portfolio management software

Fully integrated capital program and project portfolio management software

Whether you’re building an airport traveled by 14 million passengers each year, maintaining a highway system that stretches hundreds of miles, or building a pipeline that transports 1.1 million barrels of oil per day, your capital projects are complex operations that need powerful software to fuel them.

Large capital program owners, including departments of transportation, cities, ports, and water authorities have found a brilliant way to stretch their capital improvement dollars by spending smarter: Aurigo Masterworks. The system significantly cuts the costs of planning and delivering their capital improvement programs by improving stakeholder efficiencies with the use of technology.

Aurigo Masterworks is the best-in-class capital program and project lifecycle management solution for infrastructure owners. The software suite is an end-to- end solution that automates every phase of the capital project construction lifecycle from capital planning, bidding, contract management, mobile inspection, right of way management and out-year asset maintenance. Aurigo Masterworks can be used by both internal and external stakeholders using the latest web and mobile technologies.

Aurigo Masterworks has been proven to save an average of five percent on project costs by tracking, managing, and automating business processes and improving data accuracy and visibility for all stakeholders, helping them make smarter decisions. Today, Aurigo Masterworks is the leading solution in the world, used to plan and deliver over $300 billion of capital infrastructure.