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Utah DOT to Save $100 Million* Using Aurigo Masterworks’ Capital Project Management Solution

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is responsible for developing and maintaining more than 6,000 miles of roadways that constitute the network of 243 state highways and maintains nearly 16,000 lane miles of roads across Utah, representing an investment worth $25 billion. Utah DOT was looking for an innovative solution that will help improve and enhance UDOT’s current construction management and project delivery practices. They were looking for greater visibility, and increased control with better reporting and reduced costs.
Annual Savings of up to $19.5M Every Year Across Six Major Areas
UDOT recently studied the benefits of an integrated project delivery study which was the basis for the RFP. The study identified six areas for improvement and identified significant reduction in costs for each area. All six areas were considered at some point during the Product Demonstrations. UDOT projected annual savings (chart above) using Aurigo Masterworks, which was the only solution that addressed all six areas for improvement.