Massachusetts Department of Transportation

MassDOT shortens capital project planning, increases transparency and streamlines federal aid reimbursements

massachusetts department of transportation

The Massachusetts DOT:

  • 3,600+ employees across all divisions
  • $17.2B program budget over next five years
  • $5.1B funds for five-year modernization


For many years the teams at MassDOT managed their projects using an Access database and lots of Excel spreadsheets. During this time, project managers often felt like their requests and updates were disappearing into a black hole.


MassDOT configured Aurigo Masterworks Cloud to automate its project approval, federal aid number request and assignment, streamline PS&E approvals, and integrate data with its federal aid office, the State Controller’s Office and FHWA.

Aurigo Masterworks is also integrated with the Massachusetts Management Accounting and Reporting System (MMARS), the official financial record of the Commonwealth, which manages encumbrance control, fund accounting and grants management, in addition to the standard accounting functionality.


Users at MassDOT now use Aurigo Masterworks Cloud for capital planning managing all federally and state-funded projects. They have eliminated manual data entry into the FMIS portal, streamlined the federal aid number request and assignment process, and accelerated federal reimbursements. Most importantly, all project managers now have real-time visibility into approvals and milestones for each project, and they have eliminated their homegrown, error-prone access databases and spreadsheets.

Using Aurigo has transformed our capital planning process. Everyone involved in the capital planning process now feels a lot more confident that each project will be a success.”

Kostandin Theodhori, The Director of Federal Aid Programming & Reimbursement Office

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