Predictive analytics and conflict management in capital construction

This guide discusses the causes and consequences of construction disputes, how they can be avoided, and how owners can get the information they need to make decisions for future projects.

Best Practices Webinar Series- York Region

Construction is a high-stakes, complex game, and when things go awry, everybody searches for a person to blame. Finding common themes in the causes of conflict in construction projects makes it possible to find workarounds that could mitigate or avoid many disputes. This is all the more possible now that artificial intelligence (AI) can offer better analysis through data to help you steer clear of many construction conflicts.

Preparation can help immensely in avoiding conflicts on construction sites. Project teams should be
trained on schedule management, documentation, cost tracking, and have complete knowledge of the scope of work as well as contract terms before the project begins. Construction teams should also know how to handle changes when they arise. Predictive analytics can help mine project information for clues into what to expect on similar projects in the future and play out scenarios that can detect conflicts before they can happen.

In the past, assessing the risks and rewards of new projects was a question of the construction leaders’ basic recall skills. However, data modeling can now do the heavy lifting, comparing similarities and differences between past and future project details. Predictive analytics is a natural outcrop of data analytics that can add great value to capital construction.


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